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As a defense attorney in private practice who handles all criminal cases — from murder and rape — to embezzlement and medical marijuana. I defend all cases as if they are the most serious significant event in our client’s lives – because they are. Being accused of a crime can be the most significant negative experience a person goes through in their life.

For years, we have been effectively representing adults and juveniles in Federal and State courts. We routinely handle the cases of those who have been charged with murder, drug offenses, fraud, sex crimes, rape, weapons charges, theft, vehicular manslaughter, white collar crime, driving under the influence, DUI, DWI, domestic violence, Heath & Safety code violations, drug possession, and other general criminal charges.

We are familiar with all facets of criminal defense and can help you through this time in your life in many ways. If you’ve been charged with a crime, we can:

  1. Work to get the charges against you dropped or lowered
  2. Interview police, involved parties, and any possible witnesses to expose any lies or exaggeration
  3. Make sure that no evidence against you was obtained illegally
  4. Conduct a thorough pretrial investigation
  5. Employ a private investigator, ballistics expert, polygraphist, or any other experts that may be able to help your case
  6. Obtain expert witnesses to testify on your behalf
  7. Negotiate with prosecutors to make sure you face the minimum possible penalties

We also are experienced in representing clients in other criminal matters including parole violation hearings, criminal appeals, bail reduction, and expungement.If you have been accused of any crime, please contact us today for a free consultation with a resourceful criminal defense attorney. We will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. (800) 644-6810.

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