The Consequences Of Doing Nothing About A DUI Charge

During my many years of practice, I have handled over a thousand criminal cases and have extensive trial and courtroom experience. I have done a significant number of DUI jury trials and Department of Motor Vehicle (license suspension) hearings.

I hope the following does not apply, but it occurs too often to ignore. Some persons may feel a sense of resignation and hopelessness after being arrested and charged with a DUI. Those persons may erroneously conclude that they should just “go into court, accept their responsibility, and plead guilty because they in fact were intoxicated while they drove.”

Far-reaching consequences

While I understand and sympathize with these thoughts, I strongly disagree. DUI cases carry so many consequences that a person ought to consult with and retain counsel to represent him or her in court. DUI cases and their consequences can haunt a person for the rest of his or her life. An uninformed guilty plea or a no contest plea to a DUI offense may result in consequences that should have been avoided, such as license suspensions, jail time, criminal and civil fines, restitution, mandatory attendance of a drinking/driving school, the installation of an interlock device on your car, or the impounding of your vehicle. To all these consequences, add the loss of your time and dignity. To compound matters, DUI convictions may create severe employment issues, both now and in the future.

Further reason to retain counsel

Moreover, if you fall into the following categories, you have additional reasons to retain an attorney to avoid additional, potential punishment. Some have minimum penalties. Some have more than one type of punishment (refusal of a chemical tests carries a minimum custody time and a one year license suspension). The punishment of others is more subjective and varies dramatically based on the judge and prosecutor.

We are here to help, please contact us as soon as possible if you or a loved one are facing any of these charges.

Minimum stated punishment

  • Child under 14 years old in car
  • Arson
  • Refusal of chemical test
  • .20% blood level
  • High speed/reckless (+30 hghwy, +20 st)
  • Accident with injuries
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Prior DUI in last 10 years
  • .01% or more & currently on DUI probation

No stated minimum punishment

  • Minors over 14 in car
  • Poor cooperation on chemical tests
  • .15% blood level alcohol
  • Speed near +30 highway, +20 street
  • Accident no injuries
  • Open container
  • DUIs over ten years old
  • Other crimes with DUI; past other crimes

As you see, you need a competent and experienced attorney like Steve Whitworth to help navigate you through this minefield! So, please, call me for a free, confidential and informative consultation. I look forward to speaking with you!

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