Criminal Defense Lawyers in Sacramento

It’s that time of the year again. The holidays are here, and that can be a good thing or a bad thing. Look, we are a criminal defense law firm. So we tell it like it is. If you’ve found yourself on Santa’s naughty list this year, call us right away. While we cannot help you get back in the good graces of Saint Nick, we may be able to keep you out of jail. Every year law enforcement beefs up their patrols during Christmas and New Years. In fact, CBS 13 News out of Sacramento published an article providing tips on how people can avoid porch thieves during the holidays. If you’re in need of criminal defense lawyers in Sacramento this winter call us at (916) 943-4607.

The Law Office of Steve Whitworth knows that this time of the year can be hard on some people. If you’re feeling stressed out or depressed we urge you to not let it lead to bigger issues. Turning to alcohol or using drugs may only lead to harsh consequences like jail time. If you have already found yourself in a pickle with the police, call us. We handle DUIs, domestic violence, and drug offenses. Steve is licensed in state and federal criminal courts. In addition, Mr. Whitworth holds a perfect 10 AVVO rating.

Sacramento Police Crack Down on Holiday Crimes 

As we mentioned above, Sacramento police have cracked down on holiday crimes. The city of Sacramento website published public safety tips and Nextdoor started a holiday safety bulletin board. Needless to say, Sacramento County is doing all they can to create a safe and friendly environment this winter. So, what does that mean if you’ve been charged with a crime? Well, it’s not good. People don’t like it when they get robbed during the holiday. The police don’t like it when drunken fights turn into physical domestic disputes. If you’re facing criminal charges, you might want to contact a Sacramento defense attorney.

Our law firm has been fighting for the rights of the accused for over 20 years. We know that even really good people can make really bad choices. Sometimes those choices end up with a slap on the wrist. Other times poor decisions can lead to long prison sentences. Regardless of you being innocent or guilty, you have rights. We believe you can always fight to better your legal position. Call us now at (916) 943-4607. We offer a complimentary consultation, and as always, your meeting with Mr. Withworth is confidential. Here are some things to consider if you’ve been charged with a crime this holiday season.

Am I guilty or innocent? 

Look, we know this sounds harsh, but sometimes you just need to look yourself in the face and take it as an adult. Ask yourself if you are innocent or guilty, then deal with it. If you’re innocent, great, call us and let’s fight till the end to clear your good name. Guess what, if you’re guilty, that’s fine too. At least you are admitting your fault, stepping up, and trying to do the right thing. We may be able to get out in front of your charges and attempt to avoid any jail time.

Do I want to fight my charges or accept a plea deal? 

Sometimes it’s better to take a plea deal than to fight criminal charges. We know, it sounds crazy. Why would you roll over and die if you’re innocent or if you didn’t do all of the things you’re being accused of. This is a very sensitive matter and one we need to discuss behind closed doors. However, if you’re facing serious charges, especially on a federal level, sometimes taking a deal makes more sense. Call Mr. Whitworth now at (916) 943-4607 to schedule a confidential consultation.

Sacramento Defense Attorneys

We know you have lots of options when looking for a lawyer. There are a number of Sacramento defense attorneys, and some have a very good track record. However, we believe that Mr. Whitworth is one of the best, if not the best option for those charged with crimes in Sacramento County. Guess what, lots of other people have the same opinion. Steve was awarded The Top Three Best award, along with recognition by Super Lawyers. If you would like to discuss your case with an award-winning criminal defense lawyer in Sacramento, call us now.

To schedule a consultation free of charge call us at (916) 943-4607. We answer inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’re searching for a loved one whos is currently in police custody, we can still help. Call us right away and Mr. Whitworth can arrange a visit to the jail or prison where your loved one is being held.