Falsely Accused

What to do when someone Falsely Accuses or makes False Accusations

Are you wondering “What to do if someone files a false criminal charge against you?” or maybe “what to do when you are falsely accused” and “can I press charges against someone for making a false accusation?”

The Law Office of Steve Whitworth specializes in defending people who have been falsely accused or charged with a crime.  Defending your honor and reputation in a false accusation case can be very complicated, unless you have the best False Accusation Attorney in Sacramento fighting for you.  A False Criminal Charge is not a fun thing to go through and when there are complicated issues also involved you should do yourself a huge favor and hire an Attorney that specializes in False Accusations that can help make the whole process a lot less painful and the likelihood of the final outcome being more in your favor.  At the end of the court hearing, you need to be able to live with the results and know that you did everything you could to defend your reputation.

A false accusation of a crime like arson, theft, drugs, homicide, assault, battery domestic violence or rape is when someone gets accused of a crime that they didn’t commit.  It happens all the time, in fact according to the Innocence Project, 1% of all prisoners in the US (about 20,000 people) are falsely convicted.  Some of the most common reasons include misleading evidence, misconduct, malicious false accusations, bad memory and mistaken identity.

So what can you do when you get falsely accused?  Remain silent and hire a Criminal Defense Attorney to start a pre-file investigation, impeach the accuser, potentially file a civil suit and take a private polygraph test.

An Exoneration is when the court reverses a criminal conviction because the person was falsely accused and wrongfully convicted.  As of February 6th, 2020, the Registry has 2,551 known Exoneration in the US since 1989.  These Exonerations included cases with violent felonies, homicide, child sex abuse, sexual assaults, drug crimes and were exonerated for things like new DNA evidence, misconduct by government officials, false guilty pleas, mistaken identification and false confessions, just to name a few.

By hiring a False Accusation Criminal Attorney, they can do a pre-file investigation including interviewing witnesses in more detail or who were not interviewed by the police, collect more evidence, do background checks and hire expert witnesses.

Steve Whitworth does offer free consultations so you can ask questions and find out your options. Steve, realizes that finding the right attorney-client partnership can help set a false charge case off on the right foot for the emotional journey ahead.

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