Fatal Shooting in Sacramento County

According to the Sacramento Bee, three men have been arrested in relation to a fatal shooting in Sacramento County. The article goes on to state that two of the suspects have been charged with murder and a third suspect has been detained as an accessory to murder. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s department believes that the shooting is gang-related, but that the victims may not have been the intended targets. If you or a loved one have been charged with a violent crime call us to schedule a free consultation.

Sacramento criminal defense attorney Steve Whitworth provides a complimentary consultation. As always, all consults are confidential. In addition, if your loved one is currently in police custody we can still perform a consult. Mr. Whitworth can contact the prison or jail your loved one is being detained to schedule an in-person meeting. Call us now at (916) 943-4607.

Sacramento County Violent Crime Attorneys 

If you’ve been charged with a weapons violation, assault, or a sexually-related offense you may need a lawyer. If you would like to discuss your case with Sacramento County violent crime attorneys call our law firm right away. Steve Whitworth holds a perfect 10 avvo rating. In addition, Mr. Whitworth has been recognized by Super Lawyers and Lawyer Legion.

Mr. Whitworth is a decorated Sacramento criminal defense lawyer. While Steve has won numerous awards, his most accomplished mark may be his recognition from Three Best Rated where he was listed as a top-rated defense attorney. Our law firm knows that criminal charges can carry all sorts of issues. From ruining your reputation and tearing apart your family to possible time spent behind bars, no one wants to face a judge and jury. However, you have options. Contact a tenured criminal defense attorney to find out more about your legal rights.

What steps can I take after a criminal arrest? 

If you’ve stumbled across our blog because you’re searching for a defense attorney, keep reading. We are going to take a minute to identify steps you can take after a criminal arrest. As always, at any time during your visit to our website you can contact us by clicking here. You can also call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (916) 943-4607.

After an arrest you still have rights. You are supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty. While it may not feel that way, that’s the law. The District Attorneys Office and Federal Government have teams of lawyers lining up to attack you in court. That’s their job, and prosecutors in Sacramento County take their job seriously. So, let’s take a minute to look at your options after a criminal arrest.

Is this a state charge or a federal offense? 

First off, you want to know what you are being charged with and in what venue. Criminal charges can come from two levels, state or federal. Sometimes people get charged by both state and federal authorities, but usually, the federal indictment supersedes the state charges. If you’ve been arrested by local police, chances are you’re facing state charges. If the FBI has contacted you, you may be looking at a federal case. Either way, we can help. Steve is a Sacramento Federal Criminal Defense Attorney.

Am I guilty or innocent? 

Look, if you’re facing criminal charges there is usually a reason why. Whether you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or if you just fit the description of a suspect in a case, law enforcement doesn’t tend to “finger” random people. You don’t need to shout to the heavens or voice your opinion publicly, but look yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself if you’re innocent or guilty.

Either way, you have rights. In addition, a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer can help you regardless of your innocence or guilt. Contact Steve today. He may be able to help you avoid jail time, or at a minimum, work to reduce the time you do spend in custody.

Contact a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer 

In our opinion, the best thing you can do after an arrest is to contact a defense attorney. If you would like to contact a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer click here. Our law firm is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will schedule you a confidential consultation with Mr. Whitworth. Best of all, our consults are free of charge.