Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers in Sacramento

There are lots of solid federal criminal defense lawyers in Sacramento. However, there is only one Steve Whitworth. Why are we so “cocky” when we talk about Steve. Simple, Mr. Whitworth fights to win his client’s freedom. In our opinion, you will not find a more tenacious, talented, and when necessary aggressive defense attorney. For over 20 years our law firm has helped clients through Sacramento County. We have offices in Elk Grove and in Downtown Sacramento, and we can even provide a free consultation if you’re loved one is currently in custody.

The point is simple, if your searching for federal criminal defense lawyers in Sacramento you’ve found a trusted one in Steve Whitworth. If you, or a loved one, have been charged with a crime let us provide you with a free consultation. From first time DUI’s to Federal Sex Crime Cases, we’ve handled it all. We know how to fight to keep you out of jail and with your family.

Best Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers in Sacramento 

If you’re wondering who the best federal criminal defense lawyers in Sacramento are, stop, you won’t find them. That’s because they don’t exist. Instead of trying to hire the “best” attorney we suggest you hire the attorney you trust the most. Mr. Whitworth is licensed in State and Federal Criminal Courts. Federal cases are investigated by the United States Government, this means the FBI, IRS, and ATF. The federal government doesn’t like to lose, and if you’re facing fed charges, you definitely want an attorney on your side. Furthermore, because federal criminal charges tend to carry much harsher penalties, fighting thes types of cases is tougher than state cases. This is another reason we believe sets Steve apart from other criminal defense lawyers. He knows how to win big criminal cases.

If you’re looking to defend your freedom we can help. Our law firm has fought for the rights of the accused for over 20 years. Steve isn’t afraid of the courtroom, he doesn’t back down from state or federal prosecutors. After a criminal charge, you want to know and understand your rights. You also want to give yourself the opportunity to defned your reputation and freedom. Call us today to schedule a confidential consultation. You can reach us at (916) 668-5970. Here are some things to consider if you’re currently facing criminal charges.

What are my legal options if I am guilty? 

First off, this article is not legal advice. These are simply opinions, and if you want to talk to an attorney and get legal advice, call us at (916) 668-5970 now. With that said, if you know you’re guilty, and you want to better your legal position than give us a call. There are things we can do to help lower your criminal exposure. If you’re facing charges, or if you think you’re about to get indicted, we can try to get out in front of the case. We can see if the state or federal government is willing to work with us. The point is this, call us and let’s brainstorm on how we can protect you.

What is the Federal RDAP program and who do I qualify for it? 

If you’re facing a federal drug charge you’re kind of a bit too late to the game to get massive time off. See, a few years ago the Federal Government instituted what is known as the “two-point drug reduction” program. Essentially, this helped a lot of federal drug crime inmates get years off of the prison sentence. If you’re a newbie to the federal criminal courts you won’t get this benefit. Unlike overcrowded California State Prisons that give you almost 50% of your scentens off, the Federal Government DOES NOT do this. You’re going to do your time.

So, why are we bringing up the RDAP program? Simple, the Residential Drug and Alcohol Program is the ONL federal program that gives certain federal inmates time off of their sentences. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime you WANT to get into this program. Call us if you have questions about how you qualify and what we can do with your PSI to see if you can get in.

What is Federal Prison like? 

It sucks. Sorry, but we’re better off being blunt with you than painting a picture that doesn’t exist. There are essentially two types of prisons in the federal system. Prisons and Prison Camps. Yes, you guessed right, you want to go to CAMP. However, not all inmates qualify for camp. First off, only the Federal Bureau of Prisons can assign you a location. In an upcoming article where we are going to discuss this further, but essentially, where you are designated has a lot to do with your criminal points.

No attorney can guarantee to get you into a camp or into one of the more “cushy federal prisions” but there are things we can try and do. If you want help with this, and fighting your case, give us a call. Steve is an award-winning Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney.