Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorneys Open During COVID-19

Thank you for stopping by our law firm’s blog. As always, our website does not provide legal advice. Instead, our articles express our opinions about things going on within Sacramento County related to criminal defense. Now, after 20 plus years of legal experience, we like to believe that we know a thing or two about defending the rights of the accused. However, our website simply provides information and opinions. If you do need legal advice, or if you need to talk with Sacramento criminal defense attorneys open during COVID-19, call us. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

First and foremost, Mr. Steve Whitworth and our entire legal team hope that you and your families are staying safe. The Coronavirus crisis has caused all sorts of problems for all of us. During these trying times, we’ve seen a big increase in crimes related to assault and domestic violence. Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors are making examples out of those accused of violent crimes right now. So, if you need to speak with a Sacramento violent crime attorney, keep reading or call us at (916) 891-6874.

Today, we’re going to discuss your options if you’ve been accused of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Attorneys in Sacramento 

If you’ve found our website by searching for domestic violence attorneys in Sacramento, you’ve come to the right place. Steve Whitworth is an award-winning defense lawyer. In fact, he was recently recognized by Super Lawyers as a top-rated criminal defense attorney in Sacramento and Elk Grove, CA. Steve also holds a perfect 10 Avvo ratting. Look, there are lots of defense law firms located in Sacramento County. However, not all of them have the track record and five-star reviews that we do.

While some prisons and jails are letting convicted felons out due to the COVID-19 crisis, courts ARE cracking down on some types of crimes. Domestic violence, assault and battery, and all types of violent crimes are being dealt with swiftly and harshly. Towards the end of this article, you can watch a quick video about our opinions as to your rights if you’ve been accused of domestic violence. Remember, if you believe you are a suspect or person of interest, give us a call.

Let’s discuss some options you may want to explore if you’ve been accused of a crime.

Politely Invoke Your Fifth Amendment Rights

When you are arrested in California you are read your Miranda Rights. Simply put, you are the right to not answer questions from any law enforcement agency. We believe it is beneficial for anyone accused of a crime to politely invoke your fifth amendment rights. You may benefit greatly from speaking with a Sacramento criminal defense attorney, prior to answering questions from a law enforcement figure.

Speak to a Defense Lawyer 

Remember, you have the right to speak to a defense lawyer. Even if you cannot afford one on your own, the state MUST provide you legal counsel. Now, we do believe retaining your own private Sacramento criminal defense attorney is a good idea. Never the less, if you cannot afford your own attorney they state does provide public defenders.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Sacramento Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Call (916) 891-6874 to schedule a free consultation with a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer. We service all of Sacramento County including Downtown Sacramento and Elk Grove. Remember, you have rights. Even if you’re accused of a crime, even if you are guilty of a crime, you have legal options. Call us right away to schedule a free, confidential consultation with a defense attorney in Sacramento. Our law firm is open 24 hours. If you need to request a consultation now, click here.