Drug Crimes

Many different acts can be charged as drug crimes. When you are facing a drug-related charge, you are facing serious criminal, social, and professional penalties. As your criminal defense lawyer, my job is to do all I can to defend your case in an effort to have the charge lowered or ideally, dismissed.

Types of Drug Crime Cases I Handle

I represent clients who are facing all types of drug charge, including:

  • Possession of a controlled dangerous substance;
  • Manufacturing a controlled dangerous substance;
  • Selling or engaging in another type of drug trafficking;
  • Using a stolen identity to obtain prescription drugs from a pharmacy; and
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia.

Although it is legal for adults to possess and cultivate cannabis in California, there are laws in place regulating its cultivation, sale, and use. A few California-specific cannabis infractions an individual may be charged with include:

  • Possession of cannabis by a minor;
  • Possession of more than the permitted ounce of cannabis or six plants;
  • Public consumption of cannabis;
  • Possession of an open container of cannabis in a motor vehicle; and
  • Sale of cannabis without a valid license to do so.

Keep in mind that although cannabis is legal to possess and consume under certain circumstances in California, it is illegal at the federal level. You can face a federal cannabis possession charge for having any amount of cannabis on federal land in California or for trafficking it into or out of the state.

Drug Crime Charges and Penalties

How a drug offense is charged depends on a few factors, such as the substance involved in the alleged act, the amount of the drug involved in the alleged act, and the alleged offender’s previous criminal record. A drug-related offense may be charged as an infraction, a misdemeanor, a wobbler, or a felony. A wobbler is an offense that can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony at the prosecutor or judge’s discretion, depending on the factors present in the case.

Defending your Case Against a Drug Charge

As I mentioned above, my job is to try to have your charge dropped or reduced. When you are facing a wobbler, my goal is to have you charged with a misdemeanor and then defend your case against the misdemeanor.

Sometimes, having your charge dropped is not a realistic outcome. In a scenario like this, your defense strategy might focus on admission to a pretrial diversion program for drug offenders. This type of program makes it possible for you to have your charge dropped if you complete certain requirements.

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