Sex Crimes

Steve Whitworth is a sex crimes lawyer who handles all criminal cases dealing with all crimes of a sexual nature throughout Sacramento County. For years, we have been effectively representing adults and juveniles in Federal and State courts. We routinely handle the cases of those who have been charged with sex crimes such as, possession of child pornography, Internet sex crimes and enticement, date rape, statutory rape, sexual assault, sex abuse, prostitution. and other sexual criminal charges.

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Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure is usually considered as a less serious crime. However, if any contact is made between the offender and the victim, the crime may turn into a sexual assault which is usually considered as a more serious crime and may be classified as felony. If you have been accused of committing this offense, it is very important to find a qualified solicitor, such as Steve Whitworth, to help put this criminal charge behind you.


There are many benefits that you will enjoy after you decide to work with a rape defense attorney like Steve Whitworth. You will initially reduce chances where you will be convicted, even if you were falsely accused.

Lewd Conduct

Being accuse of any sex offense is a very serious allegation because you will not only be a subject of public embarrassment but will also affect your relationship. If you have been accused of lewd conduct, the Law Office of Steve Whitworth can help.


When it comes to cases of prostitution, the Law Offices of Steve Whitworth are one of the best because they have been dealing with the different aspects of prostitution cases for years. Since the entire nature of the act is such that is defies legalities, hiring an efficient attorney who is aware of the different difficulties faced by a such a charge is paramount.

Child Molestation

In Steve Whitworth, the attorneys are both efficient in their work and sensitive in their mannerisms. This stems from their highly experienced practices when it comes to dealing with child molestation cases and ensures a good and strong lawsuit as well as a protected environment for the child. For those who are falsely accused, the attorneys prove to be equally beneficial investments.

Cleaning Your Sex Record

The attorneys at the Steve Whitworth offices are very efficient when it comes to cleaning one’s record. This is not only because they have the experience when it comes to handling these issues but there are also one of the fastest agent when it comes to this job.

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