Curt L. 5.0 stars, 11/03/2017

Steve was my lawyer for a very serious felony case earlier this year. He showed up at 4am while I was in jail to brief me on how to get out. He not only got me out, but got me the best possible deal. I Was facing 15 years prison and I got 30 days house arrest. He knows his stuff and will fight for you because he cares.

Shelby V. 5.0 stars, 09/17/2017

I highly recommend Steve to anyone needing legal assistance. He kept me on track during my case, handled everything in a professional manner, was kind and courteous, and it is obvious that he is very good and educated at what he does. Because of his obvious passion for what he does, my court case was resolved and I couldn’t be happier. Five stars.

H N. 5.0 stars, 08/08/2017

Attorney Steve Whitworth communicated professionally and responded speedily with valuable information that helped to ease our concerns and guide us through the process of resolving our issue. Excellent and committed service.

Prince C. 5.0 stars, 03/21/2017

Mr. Whitworth is everything you need if your looking for an attorney. You really don’t have to worry about a thing. He got me the best deal. I almost lost my Ca firearms card and was looking at jail time. He broke it down to ware I was able to keep my license, and not do any jail time. He didn’t ask for a lot of money he was very affordable with price, and he got the job done. He’s not all about the money he has a very good heart. Thank you Mr. Whitworth for your time and your professionalism.

Abby F. 5.0 stars, 02/27/2017

Steve has been my lawyer for almost 4 years now and he has helped me and my family so much . I was involved with something that I didn’t want to be involved in and he was so amazing and did an amazing job . He was comforting and supportive . Helped me through a lot . He not only worked for me he helped with my significant other and my family and I highly recommend him for a lawyer . He is just all around the best .

Ed M. 5.0 stars, 02/25/2017

I had gone to Mr. Whitworth for my defense case, this case ended up in trial. And we’ll we won. So I’m thankful of having him as my attorney and I would definitely go back to him. But what I can tell you about him and why I would suggest you to contact him and his colleagues is because they are truly interested in you and the situation for what it is. That’s what I felt when I went to them for help. I had been shopping around and most of the attorneys I met before him didn’t give me the confidence I was looking for. Even though I didn’t meet him in person right away I was able to talk to him on the phone and he gave me a good impression and like I said his colleagues were just the same when I went to his office they were polite, kept up with my caseI and handled everything like professional. I can definitely say Steve Whitworth has a great team and is a real player in the court room. It feels good to have the weight off my shoulders. Whatever your issue is, I suggest you to give a call to this team. Thank you Steve Whitworth and to your colleagues for being here for me.

John H. 5.0 stars, 12/12/2016

In the summer of 2016, myself and my girlfriend found ourselves in a situation requiring legal help. For both of us, being in trouble with the law is seriously detrimental to our careers, education and our future.We were thoroughly impressed with Mr. Whitworth and his teams professionalism and timeliness. Seeking legal help can be very nerve racking, but having Steve Whitworth on our side definitely gave us our confidence back.Our outcome was very successful, and there was never a time we felt alone in the process.It was a huge relief to have a team of well versed and experienced staff with us along the way, because quite frankly before Mr. Whitworth we were in over our heads.I hope to never need Steve’s help again, but if I do I will not hesitate to call. I would recommend Steve and his team to anyone in need.

Business Owner stars, 12/10/2016

Hi Dimitry, It was pleasure helping you. You are a gentleman and were unjustly accused. You made my job easy because of your character and of course your innocence! Thank you for the comments. Best, Steve Whitworth

Dmitrij R. 5.0 stars, 12/09/2016

Mr. Whitworth had the knowledge and experience to deal with my case. He did in a timely manner as it had to get done quick. Case was dismissed and I was able to leave the country. Comment from Steve W. of Law Office of Steve Whitworth

Garland S. 5.0 stars, 04/08/2016

My attorney Mr Whitworth, is the example is what an attorney, is, and should be. His motives were, and have always been. Based on the best interest of my son. Egotistical, and arrogant are not two words I use in describing him. Mr. Whitworth, thought of our future, my best interest, was of his upmost concern. Keeping me safe, so I could get the medical attention, in whatever capacity, that need be. It was in my representation, I found my way. I came to him lost, beaten, bullied, and quite frankly, in pieces. I trust Mr. Whitworth with my life, because he saved it, he taught me how to fish, the hard way. Because of him, I found my way, out of no way.”Learning to fish,the hard way…….. ” , I looked up from my seated position, and saw, the road less traveled. 10 feet tall, adorned with a pink tie. Mr. Whitworth Esq. offered his hand, knowing him, as I do now, in hindsight, his proper gesture of good manners. My desperate brain, took his proper manners, offered hand, and translated it quickly. Standing,…. Well, more like staggering, weak kneed, painful pins and needles, going to work, bringing life to my numb feet. I, stood, for the first time in my life. My own two feet. Shaking his hand, I held my breath,,….. And I jumped.Thank you Steve.

JohnSusie P. 5.0 stars, 05/26/2016

I had the pleasure of obtaining this attorney to handle my divorce through a friend. Having no experience whatsoever with law prior to seeing him, I truly was very nervous. We have all heard the jokes and the clichés about lawyers, but Mr. Whitworth dispels all of them! He is kind, courteous, professional and warm. His office not only worked efficiently, but with a great deal of compassion. I think he really understands that he is not meeting people at their best and works hard to ease the process. I would recommend him to anyone. If you are looking to make a difficult process easier, this is your man. You will have real advocate in him.

Bethany M. 5.0 stars, 04/18/2016

Attorney Whitworth represented me in an employment case, and was absolutely superb! He made sure I clearly understood every step of the way, and always had my best interest at heart. If I ever need help from a lawyer in the future, Steve will definitely be my first call!!!

London M. 5.0 stars, 02/18/2016

Mr. Steve Whitworth handled my case nearing the end of 2015. It was a pretty cut and dry case of DUI even though it was barely credible as such. While I am sure that if I had chosen a court appointed attorney it would have resulted in a DUI on my record, with Mr. Whitworth’s representation my case settled with a wet and reckless.(for which I am incredibly grateful) He is friendly and understanding. his staff is attentive and polite, his fees are reasonable, payment methods flexible and the professionalism constant. It’s almost a disappointment that i won’t work with him again considering im never getting another DUI

Christine L. 5.0 stars, 05/24/2015

I highly recommend Steve Whitworth. He represented an underage relative of mine who had already gotten two DUI’s and had not followed through on addressing them. Steve continued to try to reach him and to help him, even though my relative was unresponsive to his requests to make contact. When the young man decided to try to clear himself of the matter, a year later, Steve was still there for him and charged us less than other lawyers would have to represent him. I can’t say that the case got dismissed, but I think the outcome was fair, and I laud Steve for continuing to do his best throughout the case. He was steadfast and worked hard for us, and I would retain him again in the future.

D S. stars, 11/18/2014

First let me start by saying this. I have done property management for years, however I am not a lawyer and you get your share of tenants that just want to make life miserable for you. I really had no choice but to Hire Steve to help me with a situation that spiraled out of control with a tenant that just was destroying the property, not paying, and just being a huge headache. I was told by a friend that Steve could help! Intially I was like hmmmmm a criminal lawyer for this situation? I am unsure however,i gave it a shot. Called Steve and to my surprise he does not only handle just criminal cases. He actually handles several different areas of Law. He had a wealth of experience and proved it. Court was smooth I literally had to do nothing he handled it start to finish. I will be using him for all my future needs.

Christel S. 5.0 stars, 09/29/2014

Trust worthy Excellent Responsive Knowledgeable I recommend Steve WhitworthI hired Whitworth two yearsWhitworth handled my Criminal Defense matter.Im so glad my wife found him… My life, world and freedom was turned upside down! I had no clue as to what was going on or what was happening to me, as a result of a serious crime I was charged with. This Lawyer Steve sat me down and explained to clearly, what was going, how and why. He also explained things to my wife later she posted bail ..He worked the process with a vigor I didn’t think lawyers had. I put complete trust in my lawyer. Shortly after, I got the case dismiss. Today, I can not phantom how I beat that case, but I do know that my lawyer made A believer out of me.. I thank god for my lawyer. I have use steve for all my family, friends and have referred anyone who would listen him

Ashley A. 5.0 stars, 09/29/2014

After being locked out of my yelp account for 6 months I am happy to be back on thank you to nathan at yelps customer service.I moved from the east bay to sac 2 years ago. Got here oh shit got my 1st dui. I found steve on super lawyers I really thought I was up shit creek with paddles. Lost my license for 30 days not responding to some dmv crap so I hired Steve I thought it was gonna cost me thousands but nope it did not. He got my license back. My case did not get totally dismissed but he got me off on a significantly lower charge. I was happy I never never again will drink one beer and a million court dates NO THANKS, not worth it.

Julie B. stars, 09/24/2014

I wish I had gone to see Steve much sooner rather than trying to figure it all out on my own. His professional guidance and knowledge gave me direction and resolution. Steve was with me every step of the way and the outcome to my case was absolutely the best.

PUREZA M. 5.0 stars, 08/26/2014

Steve is an excellent attorney, I would highly recommend him ! He has earned my full trust and many referrals, long term Friend And Attorney!

Sonia M. 5.0 stars, 02/14/2014

what an amazing attorney. We hired him to represent a family member who was being accused of his second dui. He got the case thrown out! Steve rocks! thanks for all of your help! Hopefully my cousin learned his lesson lmao!


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